Dog Park Proposal Essay

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Chandler Snell
English 102
The Proposal
4 October 2015
Aggression in the Dog Park 2,358 people in Arizona required hospital care between 2008 and 2012 due to dog bites. Between these two years, Arizona spent approximately 55 million dollars on health care for these dog bite occurrences. (Tang, Terry) Dog bites occur when aggressive dogs enter dog parks, a dog is provoked, or two dogs are fighting over something. The attacks that are present in most articles are typically of aggressive dogs targeting other animals. It is not surprising that Arizona has such large numbers of dog attacks, with its enormous population and the tremendous amount of dog parks present in the state. Local Arizona dog owners face dangers that arise at local …show more content…

Daniel Zabaneh and Lupe,his fiance, were devastated when they brought their beloved dog, Theodore, to a dog park in Chandler and watched him die. The owner of two Greyhounds allowed his animals to roam around the park without a leash on. One of the Greyhounds attacked Theodore, and unfortunately he was not strong enough to fight off the dog. Daniel tried to take poor Theodore to the vet, but by the time they were there it was too late to save his life. Daniel and Lupe do not plan on taking Alvin, their other pet, to the dog park anymore because of this occurrence.(Navarrete, Karla) It is Arizona law that dogs are not allowed to be in public areas, including parks, without being restrained with a leash. Other than off-leash dog parks, dogs must be restrained at all times. Although it could be assumed that this law would decrease the amount of dog attacks in public areas, such as dog parks, not all Arizona residents know this law. Most dog owners prefer to let their dog run free in parks, so this law is most likely ignored. (Arizona Revised Statutes …show more content…

Local communities are typically the ones who pay for the dog parks to be built, so it would hurt their reputation if community dog parks are being seen as dangerous. The State of Arizona has strict laws for dog bites in order to determine who will be responsible for the expenses of the injury, it could be assumed that these laws would decrease the numbers of dog attacks that occur. The local business Jackson White Attorney at Law gives a list of some of the dog bite laws that Arizona has enforced. The owner of the aggressive dog is responsible for injuries their dog inflicted on another dog or a human, whether they knew about the bite or not. Arizona does not have a one bite policy, which means the dog is liable for any injuries it gave to the other dog, whether it is the first offense or not. If it is apparent that the dog was provoked at the time of the bite, then the owner of the dog is not responsible for any expenses that need to be accounted for. These are a few of the many laws Arizona has on dog bites. (Arizona Dog Bite

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