Argumentative Essay: Should There Be Public Dog Parks?

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Many communities are experiencing a rise in what some would call a controversial topic. The argument? Should cities allow public dog parks or not? Some people are all for the idea and would love a place to run their dogs. Other people, I presume cat lovers, would prefer to keep dogs in houses and on leashes. Both sides bring a good argument to the table. However, in a situation like this, there really is only one winner.

For dog lovers everywhere the idea of a dog park is thrilling. A dog park would mean more freedom for their beloved dogs, but also a more relaxed outing with the pup. Not only would it make the owner's life easier in general, but it would also contribute to the dog's overall wellness according to the ASPCA. Exercise is incredibly important to a dogs mental and physical health. It is also directly correlated with a dog's behavior. Essentially, the more cooped up the dog is, the more the owner and fellow neighbors pay. Dogs that aren't let out to exercise or socialize will begin to act out through various ways, such as sudden potty training issues and barking. Not only is a dog park beneficial to the pooch and the owner, it's also beneficial to the city. 2 million dogs are left in animal shelters yearly due to what is perceived as bad behavior. In many places, animal shelters are city governed and funded. You need to think about how much money could be potentially saved if shelters weren't having dogs dumped off daily. Speaking of money, property within a city offering a dog park has a huge advantage in the way of economic growth. Just ask …show more content…

Some people believe it's irresponsible pet ownership to ask the city to provide a play yard of sorts for the neighborhood dogs. They worry about the dangers of an open park for dogs. People can't help but wonder who will enforce the park's rules and check that all dogs are up to date on their

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