Arnotts Swot Analysis

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Dating from 1843, Arnotts is Ireland’s oldest department store and continues to be one of the largest today. It is a home-grown company, located on Henry Street in the heart of Dublin City Centre that occupies most of the back of the GPO and also Boyers & Co is also part of Arnott’s but mostly refer to as Arnott’s sister store. Arnotts has a widespread of selection of merchandise including top fashion and homeware brands. Spread across 300,000 square feet of retail space, Arnott’s sells top brand clothings, furniture, footwear, sportswear, kitchenware and electrical goods. Showing how big Arontts is for instances whole floors are dedicated to particular product areas, designing a series of remarkable shopping experience where choice is at…show more content…
(Human Resources Management) and also known as HR is the governance of an organisation. It is a very important section of both private and public sector of an organisation. This recognition of the importance of HRM extends to small businesses, for while they do not generally have the same volume of human resources requirements as do larger organizations, they too face personnel management issues that can have a decisive impact on business health. "Hiring the right people and training them well can often mean the difference between scratching out the barest of livelihoods and steady business growth”. The main purpose of HRM is to maximize the productivity of an organization by enhancing the effectiveness of its employees and also to acquire, develop, and retain talent. Below are the sections of Arnott’s…show more content…
• Skills and experience required of the new employee, e.g. computer skills.
• Definite need of a new staff and wages to be paid.

Staff development and training:
Is a process which includes assisting individuals in gaining new skills, and knowledge to increase the level of competence and develop them professionally in an organisation. This is very important in a modern business and it is an act of investing in human resources rather than in capital expenditure which includes things such as machinery. Training is the planned and improvements of knowledge, skills and ability required to enable employees to perform their tasks effectively and to increase their job satisfaction.

Performance appraisal of employees: Is the aim of a performance is to enable the human resource manager to form a judgement on the work of an employee over a period of time and identify areas where improvements can be made. Benefits to business of performance appraisals:
• It helps the HR to evaluate how efficient the recruitment process is in selecting employees as well as how efficient the training provided

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