Arthur Cause And Effect Essay

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Arthur is an extraordinarily ordinary bipedal British bloke. Besides breathing and achieving other astonishingly average human feats, his prime concern is the bulldozer parked a few metres from his residence—little does he know about the disarrayed state his life is about to take on. While he is determined to stay in his house to prevent its demolition, his friend Ford Prefect convinces him to take a break and go to the pub. Over a pint, he tells Arthur about his extraterrestrial heritage. Unsettling as it may be to learn that your friend is an alien, Ford further disturbs Arthur’s interpretation of reality by informing him of the Earth’s impending destruction—much like his home, his planet is about to be torn down by to make place for a road. …show more content…

Since Arthur now officially speaks a dead language, a small Babel Fish takes residence in his ear to translate the universe’s many dialects; the ever-expanding cosmos does know its conveniences. The alien workforce is not very keen on hitchhikers, so they throw Arthur and Ford into the cold depths of space. Meanwhile, Zaphod Beeblebrox—who happens to both Ford’s semi-half cousin and the figurehead galactic president—steals the ‘Heart of Gold’, a spaceship fit with an improbability drive, which has the ability to make literally anything happen. Together with his human companion Trillian, he stumbles upon Arthur and Ford floating in the vast depths of the cosmos while looking for the mythical planet ‘Magrathea’’. The inhabitants of this planet used to make planets for the galactic one-percent consisting of the richest among the rich. But one day, the planet suddenly

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