Assess The Difference Between The Federalist And Anti-Federalists

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The American Constitution had a fight between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. Some of the best political people in the world got together in Philadelphia and other cities to find common ground within governmental organization. The Federalists and the anti-Federalists had some great political thoughts that agreed as well as disagreed with some of the political views. They argued what they believed, so of course their opinions were totally different from each other. The Federalist is led by James Madison, the “Father of the constitution” (Sinopoli 45) he was supporting the new constitution. One of the biggest main focus of the federal constitution was to secure the union, and also to include any other states that would join as a part of the union, “to prove the utility of the UNION, appoint, no doubt, deeply engraved on the hearts of the great body of the people in every …show more content…

They felt that the constitution did not create a fair government, but a controlling government. They were scared that the power of the states would be lost and that the people would lose their rights and freedom. They were scared because some would take over their rights. The Anti- Federalist came together and created the Bill of rights and proposed it to the constitution to make sure the citizens were secure by law. They wanted everyone to be heard, not overruled. They believed that no bill of rights would be equal to no check on our government for the people. The only reason the Anti-Federalists agreed to help approve the constitution was because of the bill of rights and without the bill of rights the constitution would not have been approved. As it states in the book, “It was largely at Anti-Federalist Insistence that a bill of rights was included in the Constitution” (Sinopoli 33). They want the people to be heard and not

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