Assignment 6a Task 4 Essay

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ESA #6A Task 4

4(a) Review and evaluate building-based policies and procedures relevant to the protection of the welfare and safety of students, staff, and visitors within the selected school. Buckeye Career Center has a variety of policies and procedures dealing with safety of individuals on the property. The procedures, defined both in the public student handbook and the private safety plan, will be reviewed in that order. The first safety policy listed in the student handbook is the safety test. As BCC provides training in vocations that have inherent risks, all students must complete a safety unit at the beginning or school and pass a safety test for their lab with a 100%. The policy mandates that safety must be the first curriculum item taught in the lab setting. The next reference to safety in the handbook references the school clinic policy which covers how to have medication dispensed to students as well as the guidelines for student use of the clinic. Moving through the handbook, the school …show more content…

The training would include a walk-through of an evacuation with a review of responsibilities at the offsite relocation site. This has never been performed with the staff and it seems unreasonable to believe that the plan could be implemented effectively if not practiced. Also, the safety plan would be updated to reflect an emergency communication plan. Communication in the time of crisis is essential and the tools exist to have an effective way to send messages to all staff during emergencies. The software application Remind would be used. Remind is a text-based software that would allow our administrative team to send broadcast text messages to all staff regardless of their location. Increasing the ability to communicate increases the safety and well-being of all

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