Astro Boy Gender Stereotypes

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Growing up as a child in the early 21st century I, had Power Puff Girls, Dora, Winx and Angelina Ballerina forced down my throat. That is until my brother came along and Astro Boy, car racing, video games, and Teenage Mutant Ninja came to my attention. Today I will be sharing my views of people on the cause of gender stereotypes in texts, throughout the many years of modern age. Throughout the years, gender stereotypes against females and males have been lessening. These are still present in the modern social age; this has happened through social media, children books, ads, and movies. On most toilet blocks there is a sign of a male and female, on the female sign it shows what many people have mistaken what she is wearing as a dress, but …show more content…

Astro Boy has been portrayed as at first a smart yet naughty boy and goes against the rules set or been told to him. It has been told through how Astro disobeys and ends up having to pay for it by losing his life, which is given back to him through technology. He is given technology enhanced special abilities that in the movie make him feel like he has something that he has to do, this has shown boys that they have to be strong and powerful and need to protect everyone. Through this boy, have believed that they are robust and girls are weak and need protecting, but in reality, girls aren’t weak like shown in ads and men can be weak and need a …show more content…

What these ads are putting out to young teens and adults, is that they have to be sexy, they have to be skinny, and they have to be overall perfect in a man’s eye. The girls that are seen in the Victoria Secret ads expose a lot of skin and are in a sexy position; the photos seem to be for females but in reality it for the man; it is what the man wants from the female. A female does have the right to feel sexy for themselves, but in the way that these women have been portrayed, it has been in the way that it is for the men and not for the women.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a well-known children’s book which many parents use to keep children from lying. The book tells about a young boy who tricks surrounding people into thinking that there was wolf, that the boy needed protecting. Every time that the young boy had done this he slowly but surely lost the trust of the people surrounding him. This has put boys into the position that they lie, that they are cunning and mischievous, when a boy lies bad things would happen to those who

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