Athens Vs Parthenon Essay

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There were three main architectural styles in ancient Greece, they were the Doric, Ionic, and the Corinthian. We will examine the style and function of these two well known buildings, those being the Parthenon in Athens and the Parthenon in Rome. We will consider the similarities and differences of the culture and how that shows throughout the buildings architectural design The Parthenon of Athens was built under the watchful eye of statesman Perikles, in the year 447 BC.The ancient Greeks will very good craftsmen when designing these temples even back in their day. Many methods and formulas developed by the Greeks can still be seen in today 's architecture. The Parthenon in Athens is a remarkable site to see as the skeleton of the building still stands to this day. When building these temples the idea …show more content…

The Pantheon in Rome is a very unique building, that even after 2,000 years it is still being used in today 's world. That alone speaks volumes of how well the building was first built, but also the care and maintenance that keeps the Pantheon standing. The Pantheon was built as a Roman Temple, under the ruler of Augustus. Now, used as a church in Rome dedicated to St. Mary, but when first built it is thought to be dedicated to all gods. This Parthenon is very much different from the Parthenon of Athens. The style of this one in Rome falls under the Corinthian architecture columns. Corinthian style was the last of the three styles to be developed. Doric was first and Ionic be after that and before Corinthian. Corinthian style is best known for the unique and very detailed style throughout the column, and capitals. Capital is the top part of the column, which was usually decorated with acanthus leaves, but also had many other options of designs. It also didn’t have columns running around the whole structure. This Pantheon had eight columns in

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