Attachment Theory Essay

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Attachment Theory.
Attachment theory was developed by John Bowlby in the 1940s into the 1950s and then was then developed by Mary Ainsworth that worked closely with Bowlby when he was developing upon the attachment theory; they both looked at children in homes and then assessed there behaviour and compared them with their backgrounds. When Mary Ainsworth developed upon Bowlby 's assessment she came up with four categories that each child could be in, by looking at the children that were in the homes Mary Ainsworth came up with the sections and what sections mean what, by looking at the attachment theory the first category is Secure; Secure is a category that around 65% of children have, this section is when the caregiver give the child consisting parenting by interacting with the child and being there for them physically and emotionally when they need the support or rensurace by being in this …show more content…

Therefore I do agree what a attachment style says to a accent because we are all idiographic which indicated that everyone is different and have a different way of looking at life and how they would like to life there live. Lastly I feel that this method is not a scientific methodology therefore I feel therefore it is not the most scientific methodology it is the most cultural bias theory and it is a theory that is most relevant today within the social care sector to understand individuals background and

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