Azucus Ranch Research Paper

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AZUCUS Ranch is a ranch in Vicksburg, MS where I ride horses. I have been riding there for many years, ever since I could walk. There are other riders there that have been there as long as I have. There are also some riders that have just started riding there. When the riders get done riding, it is their duty to take care of their horse, meaning they have to untack their horse, wash them off, put them in either a pasture or a stall, then depending on where they put them, they must feed them. Most people at the ranch actually take care of their horses in the way in which they are supposed to, other riders, however, expect other people to take care of their horse for them. The horse riders at AZUCUS Ranch can be divided into three groups according…show more content…
The snobby riders are the people that think that they are the best at everything. They don’t do anything with their horses because they feel like somebody else should take care of their horse. After riding, these people usually give their horse to the first person they see so that that person can unsaddled it, bathe it, etc. There are a few people at AZUCUS Ranch that are like this. For example, there is a girl named Elizabeth Wooten that is a snobby rider. There is always somebody else looking after her horse, not her. She is a really good rider she just doesn’t take care of her horse like she should. Snobby riders are never at the barn late or early. To conclude, snobby riders give their horse to somebody for them to take care of, not the…show more content…
These riders are the ones that couldn’t care less about their horse. These are the people that leave their horse tied to the fence so that somebody will come and take care of it. They are usually gone before somebody notices their horse. This is almost abuse. If the care less riders end up having to actually take care of their horse, then they usually put them out in the pasture without checking to make sure they have water, feed, etc. If they put them in the stall; however, they will just leave them in the stall without feeding or watering them. The care less riders don’t take care of their horses at all. They simply couldn’t care less. There isn’t very many at the barn that are like this; however, there are some. For example, a girl named Ann Ferrell Cauthen rides at the barn. She is a care less rider. Unless the owner of the ranch makes her and watches her take care of her horse, then she won’t. She usually puts her horse in the pasture without checking for food or water. In conclusion, the care less riders basically abuse their horses. Subsequently, there is a wide range of people that ride at the AZUCUS Ranch. There are all kinds of different people that take care of their horse in different ways. The spoilers are the ones that take care of their horse the best. The snobby riders don’t really take care of their horse unless they can’t find somebody to care for them. The care less riders are the ones that don’t take care of their
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