Bandura Strengths And Weaknesses

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This assignment includes; Strengths, examples and weaknesses of the following psychological research; Bandura et al, Skinner & Loftus and Palmer.In order discuss and come to a conclusion as to why ecological validity is important in psychological research. It is important to note that; Ecological validity is the degree to which behaviours reflect the behaviours of everyday life. In Chapter 3 Bandura et al demonstrated whether children were witnesses to an aggressive display of play. The strengths were that many variables were controlled: such as;“the gender of the model, the time the children observed the model and the behaviour of the model.”(Oates 2012 P.118) This suggests that the model had an effect on the child’s actions because all variables other than the independent variable are controlled.Due to variables being controlled this study is reliable,as this allows for the study to be replicated. However, there are also limitations,Bandura et al’s study involved a child with an adult model, which is very limited in a social situation and there is no interaction between the child and the model at any point other than when aggression is being displayed;Bandura used a laboratory setting which was set up as a play room. This is artificial so it is not ecologically valid as this …show more content…

Skinners experiment was standardised and controlled it made the study more reliable because there were no influences from other factors like extraneous variables/confounding variables.This shows that researchers could have compromised ecological validity for other factors that are just as important in psychological

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