Banning Books In High Schools

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What are Books? Books are the keys to the future and meant to give its readers a moral lesson. Often times we forget about what the book is saying and only look at how it is said. For this reason many generations are are left out on the knowledge and moral lessons that the books give. They are left out because the books that obtain the knowledge and moral lessons are banned from high school libraries. They are banned to shield the teenage eye from content of the books. The sad part is that high school students have no say in the the process of banning books.
Books are banned in high school to protect the teenage eye. To shield high schoolers from the painted picture of reality. Reality, the state of having existence. Reality is the truth behind …show more content…

First, there has to be an expostulation to a specific book. The expostulation has to be very specific as to what the reader found offensive.Second, the expostulation will be filed and reviewed by a committee. In america the American Library Association(ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom(OIF) will review the expostulation given from the reader.Finally, after the expostulation is reviewed there will be a verdict which states rather the book will be either banned or removed from the library. If the people don’t agree with the verdict that was given from the OIF they will keep attempting to remove the book. There have been over 17,700 attempts to remove books from libraries since 1990 but few books have been banned . In 2014 only 311 books were banned, that is less than 48% of the books that should have been each year, statistically speaking.The book banning process is important to shielding high schoolers for one reason... the ALA’s OIF.The ALA’s OIF has certain requirements that high school student cannot meet to join the organization. So therefore high school students have little say in stopping books from being banned. As Harlan Ellison said “ You are not entitled to your own opinion you are entitled to your informed opinion”.Which means that every living thing on earth not only is entitled to their own opinion but they …show more content…

Although many students may not agree with the banning of books some students do think that some high school books don’t belong in a high school library. Shequoya Jones said “ I don’t think that all books belong in school libraries because some of the books have explicit language and material that some readers are not ready for. Also, you can attain the same books in the public library if you really want them”. This demonstrates students are not always prepared for the content inside the books, even when reading the back of the book. Andre Jones said “Even when reading the back of the book it doesn’t give me the specifics of the explicitness of book”. Gloria Smith is a strong believer of “everything is done for a reason” she also argued that the language is very

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