Banning Books In Public Schools

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Censoring Books In Public Schools Is Necessary To Protect The Children Books have been censored for decades, mostly for secular and religious reasons.With the invention of the printing press in 1450, it became harder to eliminate offensive books, however a study conducted at the American Library Association (ALA), says that most books have been challenged by parents followed by patrons, a board or administration, librarians or teachers, political and religious groups, and the government. The same study showed that “sexually explicit content, offensive language, and "unsuited to any age group" are the top three reasons cited for requesting a book to be removed” (“Banned Books”). Books in public schools should continue to be censored for the protection of children and the improvement of society. …show more content…

By the time they are able to read, their imaginations will be fully developed and they will not be able to seperate what is real from what is not in the books. At such a young age, students, especially elementary students, could become paranoid or scared of something in their reading that will likely never happen in real life. Children should not be exposed to certain information until mature enough. Society censors things in community already. For example, there is a reason that educators did not teach us growth and maturation until sixth grade. There is also a reason you cannot drink, drive, or vote until a certain age. Furthermore, books with information that is not age appropriate should be

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