Banning Or Censoring Children's Books

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Do you ever wonder what your children are learning about in school? When they come home, do they tell you what they learned after reading that particular book? Banning or censoring books should be allowed, but under certain circumstances.
There can be things in children's books that are sexuality explicit, persuade negatively amongst racial or cultural ideas, and at times shame people based on their appearances. Putting these things in children's books can mold children's minds and their education in a negative light.

Banning or censoring children’s books should be allowed but under certain circumstances. In an article from “USA Today”, it states, “The changes to Dahl’s books mark the latest skirmish in a debate over cultural sensitivity …show more content…

Seuss once drew Black boxers as gorillas and perpetuated Jewish stereotypes…” Dr. Seuss made racial remarks in his books. Drawing people by their race and making fun of it is unacceptable to be put in children's books. Racial comments or racial acts are not appropriate because little kids repeat things and if they start repeating this stuff, they could get in trouble for it, even though it’s not their fault. “In (“The Cat’s Quizzer”), the Japanese character is referred to as ‘a Japanese,’ has a bright yellow face, and is standing on what appears to be Mt. Fuji.” Seuss also made remarks on people’s culture. When making fun of someone's culture, it can be harmful to them, and they can get really upset. To sum it up, putting racial comments or making racial pictures in books should not be allowed in …show more content…

In some children’s books, there is inappropriate language, sexuality discrimination, shaming of someone’s appearance, and things that could scare the child that’s reading the book. Books for children can contain harmful words. Words such as “fat”, “ugly” and “enormous”. These words can bring people down and see themselves as those words. Also in children’s books, there are racial remarks and things that are making fun of people's culture or race. Making fun of someone’s race or culture can offend people and their cultural beliefs or religion. When someone says something about someone's race or cultural beliefs, it can lead to anger and drama. Drama can cause other things like disliking people and having hate towards people. To wrap it up, banning children’s books that contain people and their race, religion, sexuality and culture. It confuses children’s minds and how they

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