Battle Of New Orleans Essay

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The Battle of New Orleans was the last major battle of the War of 1812. The fight began on January 8, 1815 when General Andrew Jackson led 4,500 U.S. troops fight against 7,500 British soldiers. Jackson completely wrecked Britain’s plans to attack New Orleans defeated the British 30 minutes, and this was the start of his hero life. In the end, the U.S. and Britain signed a treaty (Treaty of Ghent) to end the war; however, there was another battle began two week later because of the news not arrival the U.S. If there were better communication on 1812, the Battle of New Orleans may not begin. When American and British peace ministers had negotiated an end to the war, Major General Andrew Jackson's motley army had become enemies with British soldiers …show more content…

He didn't put more detail into lower-level battle scenes; he focus on describing the characters’ detail, and he was really good at it. Tennessee sharpshooters and the swashbuckling Laffite were all successful example. Remini also combined the Battle of New Orleans with the American character. Beyond all questions, General Andrew Jackson is the first person in this book, and Robert V. Remini is the great authority to describe him. Andrew Jackson made Remini award winning; Remini made Andrew Jackson re-show in front of modern people. Now Remini has taken a lifetime to research and consider this American hero, this is why he could describe Jackson so successfully in his book. He said Andrew Jackson was one of the vital people in our nation's history. There were two famous things about the War of 1812 that every American should know. First, Britain army burned White House, but the picture of the President George Washington was protected. Second, the fighting was begun because American army didn’t know the peace treaty had been signed ending the War. Remini’s Battle of New Orleans shows us more history event about this …show more content…

The elements he gives include not only just the fact that it produced a future President, but also the victory build a confidence by a citizen army winning a battle against the professional army of the Britain, and the fact that this beyond level defeat made the nations of Europe begin to seriously take the United States as a player on the world stage. In fact, he argues that New Orleans was actually the nation's first military victory. Of course, Jackson interesting makes he overstates this case a little. On the other hand, he mentions an excellent point about the why this war is so special on American history. It was one war which could truly threatened this nation in our history. The United States has experience lots of wars such as World War One, World War two… but there are only a few could truly threatened it; Battle of new Orleans is one of those. Remini argued this in his book to attract readers. If we understood that fact better, we would pay more attention to the events of 1812-1815. For this, Remini has done his work to capture our attention with this excellent

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