Beauty And The Beast Comparison

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Beauty and the Beast (2017) is a remake of the 1991 Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is about a girl who’s father goes to town but frantically gets lost and gets captured by a beast. The beast used to be an ill-tempered prince who was turned into a beast as his punishment when he turned away an old woman looking for shelter. If he did not find someone to love him before the last rose petal fell, he would be imprisoned as a beast for the rest of his life. The author’s review on the new movie was generally a decent one. The author had more good things to say than bad and they generally thought the movie was a good one. In addition, the review talked about the general storyline of the movie, the general theme, and the things, they thought, were not the best. The author talks about how it is a acceptable interpretation of the original movie because the basic plot is the same. Maurice, Belle’s father, becomes imprisoned by the beast. When Belle finds him, she graciously offers to take his place. The objects in the house then plan to have Belle fall in love with the prince and break the spell. This will cause return the beast and all of the items to transform back to their previous human forms. It then carries on and talks about an …show more content…

There are parts in the live-version that are not a part of the animated version and vise versa. The review the author gave is a very close comparison to mine, but I feel as though some points should have been expressed more than they were. I believe that Belle’s mother should not have been present in the new movie to be a replica of the animated version and that the way Maurice gets captured should have been kept the same. The music should have stayed along the same lines. As you can see, a classic is an outstanding one of a kind piece of material. The new movie should not have been changing the parts that it

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