Becoming A Registered Nurse Essay

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My journey to becoming a Registerned Nurse began in high school honestly. In high school, you have to chose a path that will lead to your career or at least a similar path to what interest you at the time. So the route I chose was the health care route, which I met an amazing teacher and registered nurse. My techer Mrs. High, was a huge influence to my choices even to this day. She once told me, “I believe you can do anything in life that you put your mind to but I honestly believe you need to go into healthcare because I know you will prosper at it.” And that statement along has kept me in my major now and why I want to become a Registered Nurse. Not only did she set in stone how I was already feeling, it also gave me the push I needed to actually go …show more content…

My freshman year held many challenges for me that almost made me quit at pursuing my passion. I was not prepared for science or math college courses at all. I was used to passing my high school classes easily because I had a schedule to keep up with. While at college though everything was on me to keep up with and I had to make sure everything was good on my end. Chemistry was honestly really one of hardest subjects for me because I was so overwhelmed with all of the other courses that I was taking that I couldn’t focus or study like how I should’ve been in order to pass with the graades I wanted. Another class that gave me the blues was calculus. My freshman year was honestly just not the best for me as I was going through a lot within my personal life that affected how I went about my classes. The end of my freshman year I decided that the rest of my college years were not going to go that way at all, I was going to keep up my grades and my GPA. I decided to change my major to nursing for my sophomore year of college as I also transferred school, where I go to the University of Mississippi now. During my fall semester I passed all of my classes and

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