Being A Correctional Officer Essay

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Prisoners say, “all correction officers are disrespectful and don’t care about how much we suffer in this prison.” This group, correction officers, are some really elite guys, they have a really tough job in their workplace. All over society there is people that say, “Ohh correction officers are crooked and are overpaid.” Correction officers are the ones that get there hands dirty with all the prisoners that have murdered, raped and have broken the law in any way possible. Correction officers might be disrespectful, but they might have a reason. Prisoners aren't any type of angels remember that these are the most dangerous men in society. If a prisoner gets out of hand, and does something stupid of course they have to be mean, disrespectful, …show more content…

One of the harshest stereotypes is that people say.” All correction officers are crooked and they mistreat all prisoners and are racist.” These stereotypes are really exaggerated especially because they have no idea what they are talking about. For a movie they watched they are going to think bad for these people that's not fair for these officers. There is one that i do agree with some of the people when they said ,” Correction officers are really racist to black men and mexican people.” I agree with this i had a interview with the warden from chowchilla and he told me that there is a lot of racism in prisons they had have to fire many officers for being really racist to black men. It's usually the white men being racist to the black men but , the black men can't really do anything. The only way the people that are being targeted and being racist is if they talk to the warden and they see in the cameras then they can get the other correction officers that have been racist gets fired really quick and get that attached to their record so, everywhere they go to work racist will be attached to there

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