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On February 12,2016 Pamela Brown and MaryLynn Ryan gave an updates report on the FBIs prison investigation. After a two year extensive undercover investigation The FBI raids nine Georgia state prisons and was able to capture 46 present and former corrections officers in a sting. The covert operation ran down ahead of schedule Thursday with attacks by FBI at the detainment facilities. The prosecutions uncovered "stunning defilement inside of Georgia Department of Corrections foundations," said John Horn, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia. Among those captured were five individuals from a first class squad went for beating down medication managing in jail, called the Cobra unit. Included in the bust were two regular people and one prisoner. The test found that jail watches and staff were pirating stash, for example, alcohol, tobacco and PDAs into the cell phones for cash. Detainees utilized the unlawful mobile phones to submit wire extortion, tax …show more content…

They were all greedy and selfish, and displayed obvious disrespect for the law. Each individual played their own role in the illegal activity, and the only way something like this could be prevented in other prisons would start with as few as one person. It would have taken just one person to speak up about the illegal activity that was occurring behind the walls. In order for something like this to not happen again would depend on the staff and the character of the officers. If a person is corrupt or has a devious mentality then it doesn’t matter if they have a uniform on or not. Unfortunately, these officers give other officers a bad reputation, and I think it give more power to the prisoners-thinking that most officers are capable of or even willing to help them for money or

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