Essay On Gangs In Prison

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Gangs in Prison Prison gangs have become a big problem in the correctional facilities today. The gang has started to control the prisons and making the work life for correctional officers very difficult. They are able to run their criminal empire on the outside from the inside of the jail and also try and traffic drugs into the prisons and among many other things.

Prison gangs are criminal organizations that are formed with the inmates within the correctional facility. The gangs are made up of a select group of inmates who have an organized hierarchy and they are governed to follow a certain code of conduct. One of the main differences between a prison gang and a street gang is that typically prisons gangs are fewer members than a street gang. A lot of these gangs, like the …show more content…

The Aryan Brotherhood is made up of whites when it was formed in 1960. The gang also went numerous name changes before they finally settled on "AB". The members that make up this gang are housed the California prisons San Quentin and Folsom Prisons. They have also formed an alliance with another prison gang called the Mexican Mafia and with them, they carry out what they call contracts or hits within the prison system. They have also been known to be involved in armed robberies and trafficking narcotics on the streets. With specific leadership positions and many responsibilities like, accounting for all that activities that done outside and inside of a prison. Just like most gangs being in the Aryan Brotherhood is a lifetime commitment. To show what gangs inmates are they always have their gang symbol tattooed on them on them. The Aryan Brotherhood tattoo symbols are a cloverleaf, swastika, lighting bolts, the number 666 and lastly AB. There are also a few phrases that may also be tattooed on them and they are "Supreme White Power", "White Power", "Supreme White Pride", and "White

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