Benedict Arnold Hero Or Traitor

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About Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold is mainly known as the man who betrayed his country, even though he fought with skill and courage in many campaigns during the American Revolution. He was called a traitor for what he did in war.
Benedict Arnold was born in Norwich, Connecticut on January 14, 1741. Benedict Arnold had 2 brothers Absolom Arnold, and Benedict Arnold. He also had 3 sisters, Mary Arnold, Hannah Arnold, and Elizabeth Arnold. Benedict Arnold’s parents are Benedict Arnold III, and Hannah Arnold. Peggy Shippen is his spouse and Margaret Mansfield is his former spouse. Most of his family died from yellow fever.
He had him, one of his brothers, and an alcoholic dad …show more content…

What he did was very important if he didn't do that then they probably would've lost. He also traded sides and became known as a “traitor”.
Benedict Arnold began the war as a militia captain. Following the fighting at Lexington and Concord, they marched from Connecticut northeast toward Boston. Benedict Arnold partnered with frontiersman Ethan Allen to take New York’s Fort Ticonderoga. He learned that his wife had died earlier in the month from yellow fever when he came back from the war.
Benedict Arnold led people from Maine to Quebec he wanted to rally the owner of Canada behind the Patriot cause and deprive the British government of a northern base. On New Year’s Day, Benedict Arnold had no choice but to launch a desperate attack against well-fortified Quebec City through a blizzard. Benedict Arnold received a grave wound to his leg and was carried to the back of the battlefield early in the battle. They failed miserably, as the assault continued. Hundreds of American soldiers were killed, wounded or captured, and Canada remained in British …show more content…

He played a role in slow down a British invasion from Canada into New York in the autumn of that year.
Rumors, were spread in Philadelphia accusing Benedict Arnold of abusing his position for his personal profit in the time he was governor. Benedict Arnold’s love and marriage to Peggy Shippen, the daughter of a man suspected of Loyalist sympathies were questioned about. His impatience had earned him many enemies who now made all sorts of charges against him. He was accused of poor behavior on the march through Maine, of failure to successfully carry out a mission on many like Lake Champlain.
Benedict Arnold soon began fighting for the British. The British never trusted him fully and was passed over for important military commands even though he was paid well for his services.Benedict Arnold requested leave to return to England with his family, which he did. Over the following years, he kept attempting to get a position with the British East India Company and the British military, they never had a place for him. He lived the rest of his life trying to join but then he eventually died June 14, 1801 because of

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