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Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was the founder of the United States of America. He was a renowned printer, author, politician, inventor, scientist and diplomat. He was the part of the American Enlightenment and also the part of history of physics as he discovered theories for the invention of electricity. In Philadelphia, he was the successful newspaper editor and printer. He published the renowned newspaper ‘Pennsylvania Chronicle’ which was famous for its revolutionary sentiments. Franklin became postmaster for several years and served as governor of Pennsylvania for three years from 1785 to 1788. Through his life, he achieved much in scientific and political matters.
On January 17, 1706, Benjamin Franklin was born as the tenth son …show more content…

Before retiring, he had already invented a stove called ‘the Franklin stove’ in 1743 which was heat-efficient stove. It would help warm houses efficiently. His other inventions were swim fins, the glass armonica and bifocals. In 1748, Franklin started experiments on electricity. He coined the electricity related terms like battery, charge. In order to prove that lightning is electricity, he published a proposal by flying a kite in a storm that seemed capable of becoming a lightning storm. His experiments with the electricity led him to the invention of the lightning rod. “It is true that Franklin’s experiments and his theory of electricity achieved major status after the spectacular lightning experiments and the successful demonstration of the utility of the lightning rod” (Cohen 9). Franklin found that conductors with a sharp point could discharge electricity silently to far greater distance. He began his analysis of the Leyden jar in 1746 and discovered many theories. The jar was the first ever condenser or a capacitor which could store charge in it. It consisted of the glass bottle placed between two conductors and the inner water, connected by a wire to a metal rod. He stated the facts about the jar.
“Among the mysteries of the jar in Franklin’s day was the fact that it could apparently acquire or hold a much greater charge than would have been expected, much more than an ordinary insulated conductor of the same size” (24).
Franklin later noticed that if the knob were grounded, the jar could equally hold the charge through outer coating. Franklin never turned away from involving in social helps. He always thought about poor and sick. As a result, he was conceived the idea of establishing a hospital which he mentioned in his

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