Bermuda Triangle Essay

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Bermuda triangle
Bermuda Triangle is an undefined region in the western part of the Northern Atlantic Ocean. This small area of the Atlantic Ocean, that stretches from the northern side of Bermuda to southern Florida and east past of Bermuda to southern Florida and east past Puerto Rico through the Bahamas and then back to Bermuda. So this forms a triangle shape in the Atlantic Ocean.
Christopher Columbus was the first man to have discovered and stated that there was something strange about the region.
Bermuda Triangle is also known as Devils Triangle is a region where a number of aircrafts and surface vessels are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Nevertheless there is no sufficient data to support claims
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In the era of developing technology, teenagers are easily vulnerable to many cyber bullying. Most Cyber Bullying occurs on social networking such as tweeter, facebook and myspace . As a result of these students are being less productive and are losing their social life. The next generation is losing their ability to interact in the society . And so social media and networking are bad for our brain. We must have limited accessibility in social media . Social media can be a boon if used in proper and purposeful way. They can be in used to be in contact with friends and family. If social media is used in proper and purposeful way, then it can be really a boon for us.
The story of my experiment with truth - m. k Gandhi
The story of my experiment with truth is the autobiography of Mohandas K. Gandhi, covering his life from early childhood through to 1921. Gandhi’s influence on India is a topic for another post. This book is his autobiography and his views of what was going on around him during the beginnings of the movement for a free and independent India. It is a classic, however don’t expect it to prepare you for Indian culture like other books might.
Aside from being challenged by his faith and life, the biggest takeaway from this book was how common of an Indian Gandhi was. He talks in detail about his family. He obsesses over food and vegetarianism. He is consumed both with very noble thoughts and very common, ordinary thoughts. After reading this, Gandhi comes across as the true “common man” to
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