Bernie Sanders Argumentative Analysis

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Bernie Sanders is a recent member of the Democratic party and is in the running to become the president of the United States. Bernie Sanders is a more suitable candidate than Donald Trump, because his policies can greatly improve America and strengthen the economy, his ideas are practical and can be conducted easier. He will the support affordable education policy by raising taxes on the wealthy, and investing that money into education for youth. Having inexpensive education is vital to society because it prepares the future leaders of America to apply their knowledge in the real world. Bernie Sanders is a better presidential candidate than Donald Trump.
Sanders proposals are realistic and productive. Sanders says he wants to fight for a comprehensive immigration reform that helps almost 11,000,000 immigrants become legal citizens. Sanders proposal is …show more content…

Sanders wants to create policies that invest in affordable education. He compares America to having a lower rank in the world 's educational system compared to countries like Denmark. In Denmark, their education is free and it is proven that almost 82% of their youth pursue higher education. Sanders wants to invest in affordable education to encourage more kids to go to college. On the other hand, Donald Trump wants to hire better teachers and schools and have education be a local. If education were to become local, whichever city the school is located in would have to pay for anything the school needs (teachers, textbooks, lunches, art programs, etc). In some cases, this idea would benefit people who live in wealthy cities that can afford prestigious teachers and have the funds to give their school resources. In cities that don 't have much money, it’s almost impossible to hire the best teachers and give their children the proper resources because of their lack of funds. Sanders wants to make education affordable for everyone and give equal opportunities to all

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