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Imagine, reentering the ocean after loosing an arm in a shark attack weeks before. Bethany Hamilton did not think twice about that decision. When Kauai local, Bethany Meilani Hamilton was thirteen she went surfing and was attacked by a Tiger Shark. The shark chomped off her left arm up to her shoulder, leaving only a nub. After surgery, she was ready to get back on her board. Bethany Hamilton is admirable, not only because she is a motivational speaker, author, and professional surfer, but also because of her bravery, determination, humility, and faith. Bethany Hamilton had a pretty normal childhood, she began to show admirable traits at a very young age. Bethany Hamilton was born February 8, 1990 in the small town of Lihue Kauai, Hawaii. Born to …show more content…

Having two older brothers she learned to hold her own. Bethany’s brothers inspired her to work hard and get on their level (Hamilton 35). The boys played many rough sports and Bethany was right along with them and was like one of the boys (Hamilton 37 & 38). Bethany had learned to surf at five years old (Hamilton 39). Once she was able to catch waves without help; she was entered in local competitions (Hamilton 40). Beth began competing at age eight and joined the Hanalei surf team (“Bethany Hamilton biography” par. 1 & 2). Her dad taught her and her brothers to be good losers and to move on after a loss (Hamilton 39). Hamilton competed with older girls and loved the challenge of big surf. When the other girls though it was scary, she thought “bring it on” (Hamilton 41). Bethany started winning many contests and the thought of becoming a professional came into perspective (Hamilton 44). Bethany Hamilton earned her first sponsor at age nine, from the popular surf brand, Rip Curl (“Bethany Hamilton biography” par. 2). Before competitions she tries not to stress too much and keeps a positive outlook (Hamilton 45). Her family was close growing up (Hamilton 56). Church was a big part of

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