Using Comparative Approach To The Study Of Biological Psychology

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Psychology is the study of the mind and each of its functions in what it does and controls. It is a scientific study on emotion, behaviour of a person and thought. The mind is investigated by analysing and observing the way it works and its mental processes. In the 1870s Wilhelm Wundt became interested in psychology and wanted to examine someone’s mind by looking at their own personal thoughts and feelings although in the twentieth century John B. Watson believed that using this method of psychology could not be proved as one person’s thoughts could be completely different to another’s. Behaviourism became the main study in psychology for the next 40 years.
Biological and social perspectives are an area which is important in psychology and finding how people make sense of themselves and their environments.
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There are three ways in which we can study biological psychology. Using comparative method it shows us how human behaviour can be understood by studied different types of animals and comparing them. Using inheritance we can find the genetics of an animal and what it inherits from its parents. We use physiology to see how the nervous system and hormones work in the body, how changes happen and how that can affect the brain also with how the brain operates. Charles Darwin was a man who believed that all plants, animals and humans came from previous forms. This information came from fossils that showed revolution of long extinct animals to living in the world
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