Biotechnology: Discourse Community Analysis

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Every field has its own set of specialized unique vocabularies, and for those people who are in the same field, we call them discourse community. According to “ Discourse Community” by Eric Borg, “A discourse community is the discussion and analysis in applied linguistics these groups are gathered into communities.” (1) In other words, a discourse community is a group of people who share commonalities in the same field that they specialize in. Biotechnology Innovation Organization is one of the discourse community that “focuses on biocellular process to develop technologies and products that are beneficial to living things and our planet”( To be more specific, this is also a trade association of biotechnology in the world, the members…show more content…
Not to mention its specific lexis yet, people do not even know what exactly biotechnology is and how important it is to our lives. According to the article “ A Case for Teaching Biotechnology” by Edward Lazaros and Caleb Embree, “because biotechnology has application throughout multiple fields such as medicine, agriculture, environmental protection, engineering and others, it should be taught in those subjects as well as in biology classes”(1). The phenomenon shows the lack of attention to biotechnology because students have never been taught of it in public schools. Edward Lazaros and Caleb Embree also states “ part of the reason why biotechnology is that technology and engineering do not feel like they are prepared to teach the subject”(1). Many educators do not feel confident to talk about it, which even makes biotechnology even more mysterious to most of…show more content…
It can be small as the daily food we eat everyday, such as cheese and bread. They are produced by biological processes of microorganisms. It can also be big as curing diseases, feed the hungry, use less and cleaner energy, etc. BIO states, “ A current statistics shows that there are more than 200 biological products of vaccine are available to patients, and many of the products are for previously untreatable diseases;More than 18 million farmers around the world use biotechnology of agricultural to increase the amount of the total products and also prevent the damage from the insects”( are also many biorefineries are built in North America to recycle and reuse the chemicals to produce biofuels, which is a much harmless energy than carbon dioxide. Put differently, by using biotechnology we not only use more energy in a much harmless way to the environment but also making earth a better place for us in many ways. As stated by John Swales “ a discourse community has a broadly agreed set of common public goals ”(471). BIO has its great and distant goals to reach, but it never give up on its task of protecting

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