Black Freedom Struggle In Assata Shakur

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In the book Assata: An Autobiography written by Assata Shakur, she writes about her experiences growing up during the civil rights movement era. Going back and forth in each chapter she describes her childhood growing up with her mother and grandparents and her life when she is older going through the judicial system after being indicted. Through her narrative we are able to get her evaluation on race, class, and gender during the Black Freedom Struggle and how she approached these issues. “Who’s better than you?” “Nobody.” “Who?” “Nobody.” “Get that head up.” “Yes, who?” “Yes, Grandmommy.” “I want that head held up high, and I don’t want you taking no mess from anybody, you understand?” “Yes, Grandmommy.” “Don’t you let me hear about anybody walking over my grandbaby.” “No, Grandmommy.” “I don’t want nobody taking advantage of you you hear me?” “Yes, I hear you.” “Yes who?” “Yes, Grandmommy.” (19) These are things that she was told as she was growing up. Told to her to help her be strong and confident and to not have her be discouraged for being black. Being told that she is just as good as anyone else despite…show more content…
She was aware of it happening, but she didn’t pay it too much attention at her age. Later on she gets involved by joining the Black Panther Party. Showing how people lived through theses changing times of the struggle not being a part of the major organizations. Going from segregated schools too integrated schools and slowly getting more rights as the years pass. Learning to live while being oppressed. On top of the racial suppression being female black woman Assata had gone through a lot in her lifetime, men pray on her, treat her as their lesser, though that did not stop her. These are some of the things that would occur in her
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