Black Women In Hip Hop Essay

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sharpest young critics, believes that male rapper uses violence as a symbol to express macho power, as a way to resolve all the disagreements between blacks and as necessary for individual protection. Due its popularity, hip hop exacerbates the criminal image of black men in a criminal justice system that has an overpopulation of black men in the prison system. Sorrowfully, many believe that this is the direct product of overly increasing black male criminality as opposed of blaming the social structure. With the enormous success of hip hop what started as pure art and a mechanism to bring awareness of what was going on in the black community, has transformed in a lucrative business. The negative aspect of this is that since big corporations control the music’s distribution channels, in many cases the rap artist is forced to produce the type of music that according to the owner is marketable. Unfortunately, the image of a young, poor, vulgar black male with a criminal or violent past is consider marketable. This is not the case for those who have their own recording label or those under their wings. They are free to still express the reality of …show more content…

On one hand, when rappers refer to black women as sex object, bitches, hos and baby’s mamas, many believe it is just the result of how women are behaving in the black community as a result of their low self-esteem and the social inequality they have to face. For these reasons black women use sex as their mechanism to gain power and material things. On the other hand, many feels that hip hop does not do justice to black women when rappers represent them as baby mamma drama or as gold-diggers. In the case of single mothers, it is unfair because they are not taking in consideration all the challenges single mothers have to face in U.S. society. However, hip hop is not the cause of the increased number of single

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