Ethics Of Organ Donation Essay

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As one is transitioning into adulthood the subject of organ donation comes into the picture. Once one turns eighteen one is able to make the life-altering decision. Some will agree and some will disagree, although it is solely left to the person's morals and beliefs. However many hospitals are removing organs without consent or family’s knowledge. This becomes an ethical issue for families considering their circumstances for why or why not they choose to donate. Nevertheless, people and families should have the option of donating. With an open mind, many people question whether organ donation without consent ethical. Ethical is considering the moral goodness of an action. Organ donation should solely be left to choice rather than taking. Many hospitals are beginning the revoke the basic human rights while taking organs away from the patient without consent or discussing the action with family. Stephen Adams wrote an article, “Body organs to be taken without consent in Wales”,…show more content…
NHS Organ Donor Register has become an enormous attention due to their mistakes they created with patients organ donation list. Sophie Borland wrote an article called “Organs removed from dead patients without family consent after NHS blunder” in this she discusses the unlawful action the NHS Organ Donor Register had taken. Donors at NHS discussed which body parts they did not want to be taken after their death. However, Borland says that the donors “had their details changed so their records showed any of their organs could be removed” (Organ removed from dead patients without family consent after NHS blunder). Many donors had their information changed causing distress to the family. “...more than 21 bereaved families will be contacted by health officials to be told the disturbing news that tissue was mistakenly taken from their loved ones” (Organs removed from dead patients without family consent after NHS
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