Book Analysis: Between Shades Of Grey By Ruta Sepetys

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Nia Fears
Mrs. Harris
History-E block
4 December, 2015
Book analysis for, “Between shades of Grey.”
The book I chose was, “Between shades of grey,” by Ruta Sepetys, and I feel it was a great option. The story takes place in 1941 and main character Lina is fifteen years old, and her brother and her sister were forced out of their home by the Soviet secret police. This “police” is called N.K.V.D. They later find out they are being sent to Siberia. They were able to reunite with their father once, but she soon found out that her father is sent to death at a prison camp. At this point she feels like everything is gone. She made an internal promise to try to survive the best way she can. She feels it was important for her father to understand that

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