Book Report: All The President's Men

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All the President’s Men is a historical investigative story of the Watergate scandal that eventually forced President Richard Nixon to resign in the first year of his second term as a president. He is the only president that had to resign. The story is based on two Washington Post reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who investigated the Watergate story. The book started with Woodward receiving a call from the city editor of the Washington Post about a burglary at the Democratic headquarters. Bernstein was also assigned to report on the burglary at the Watergate hotel. Although in the beginning the two reporters were in competition, they soon started to work together. The story, they found out, was much deeper and complex than just…show more content…
One of the five suspects was a White House Consultant named Howard Hunt. There was money laundering found in Mexico was found. Interviewing couple of CRP staff members showed that there was a huge amount of money was used for Watergate’s tapping. It was also distributed to the highest level persons in CRP. The FBI investigated but the final charges did not go as expected because they lack evidence.. There had been some efforts to hide facts of Watergate tapping: documents were destroyed, staffs were under pressure to stay away from press, staffs were persuaded to give certain answers to FBI, and staffs possessed critical information were promoted after Watergate. President Richard Nixon assured the public that the White House had no involvement with this particular incident. His use of the words “particular incident” led the reporters to look further into their investigation. Woodward and Bernstein uncovered indecent campaign strategies to undercut the Democratic Party by using unlawful methods such as threats, phone tapping and spying. Woodward and Bernstein, however, could not prove it because their sources refused to speak
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