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The First Game Kendall Smith is a seventeen year old girl who is very passionate about basketball. She is a senior at Maple Park High School in Hudson, New York. Her family consists of her, her parents, and her twin sister, Kate. Kate serves as Kendall’s schoolwork agent. Kendall wants to go to Duke, but she has trouble with keeping her grades up. So, Kate reminds her of what type of grades she must receive on her assignments. Kendall always forth her best effort on every assignment and at every practice, which makes her an industrious person. But as the 2015 basketball season begins in November, she becomes very stressed about balancing her schoolwork and her passion for basketball. It also doesn’t help that her uncle, who was recently evicted from his apartment, is staying in her room which makes it harder for Kendall to focus. Kendall attended basketball practice for a couple weeks, and before she knew it, her first game of the season was right around the corner. As she became more and more excited for the game, she lost her focus. In Math, her first class of the day, Kendall didn’t acknowledge that her teacher, Ms. Crigler, was speaking. As Kendall talked to her best friend, Ivy, about their first game, she began to slightly infuriate Ms. Crigler. Kendall and Ivy were making a bet to see who could estimate the amount of …show more content…

Crigler after class, and she explained to them that tomorrow, Kendall and Ivy would have to take a test on whatshe had taught. Kendall and Ivy both thought she wasn’t being impartial because they were the only students who had to take the test. Well, as Kendall began the long trek back to her locker, all the way on the other side of the school, she thought about the test. She realizes that she was not paying any attention in class. It would be devastating if she failed her test because it would bring down her math grade, which already wasn’t that great, and she would not be allowed to play in her first game of the

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