Patriot Games Book Summary

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In the novel, Patriot Games, the author Tom Clancy introduces the reader to a diverse set of characters.While the Ryan’s are vacationing in London, Jack Ryan saves the Prince and Princess of Wales from an Irish terrorist group named Ulster Liberation Army (ULA) during a kidnapping attempt on the in broad daylight. Sean Miller, a ULA terrorist captured by Ryan but not killed, is convicted of a federal crime and sentenced to life imprisonment for killing the royal driver. Later on, he is freed by ULA members while being taken to be incarcerated by ferry to prison. The ULA decides to go after Ryan and his family because they want to reduce American support for the rival Provisional Irish Republican Army. The assassin sent to kill Ryan is intercepted before he manages to complete his task, but his expectant wife, Cathy, and daughter, Sally, are injured when Miller causes their car to crash on a freeway. The antagonist is Jack Ryan. Cathy Ryan tells her daughter Sally that “Your father isnt a murderer, he just has to get his hands dirty once in a while” (Clancy 502). This shows the reader that he is a mysterious man with intention to do good but sometimes his actions go south. Men involved in combat scenarios are plagued with life or death …show more content…

He made the gradual transition from an ex-agent to a full fledged anti terrorist member that works to defend his country. He learns that even though many obstacles will be put in your path, the best thing to do is let them pass without intervention or things will spiral downhill. Over the course of Patriot Games, Jack Ryan learns through his experiences that it is impossible to protect himself from every entity that aims to maim him. He learns this through his work at the CIA building and the undercover agents working against him, the terrorists of the ULA, and the use of his precious family as a bargaining chip in

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