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I would first like to thank the selection committee of the Van Buren Athletics Booster Scholarship for considering my application for this prestigious award. I am very proud of my accomplishments throughout high school. I earned my first varsity letter as a freshman on the Girls Golf Team. Since then, I have earned three subsequent letters and various other accolades. I received NWOGGL Rookie of the Year, which was based on my individual scores and a vote from the coaches in the league. I qualified for NWOGGL 1st team my freshman, junior, and senior years. My scores earned me a NWOGGL 2nd team placement my sophomore year. I was also awarded District 2nd team my senior year, after I narrowly missed an individual trip to State. The golf award …show more content…

In total, I have received four varsity letters for the sport. While my senior season is not yet over, thus far I have received BVC 3rd team ranking my freshman year and 1st team rankings my sophomore and junior years. The last two years I have made it to the State track meet with my 4x400 teams and been awarded Academic All-Ohio as well. Track taught, and continues to teach me the importance of teamwork. Specifically, the State qualifying teams I have been apart of have shown me that sometimes I have to rely on others, and them on me, to achieve ultimate goals, like going to State. I believe that the awards I have won through my participation in golf, basketball, and track exemplify my passion and drive to do my best.
While trophies and certificates are fun to receive, they all too soon gather dust and are forgotten. What I will never forget are the lessons I learned through my involvement in high school sports.At the very least, high school sports have prepared me for my future at The Ohio State University where I plan to major in Social and Behavioral Sciences. This degree will be an integral part of achieving my ultimate goal of one day becoming a licensed Speech Pathologist. Thank you again for your

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