Field Hockey Speeches

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This past week I attended my field hockey senior night ceremony. I can honestly say I didn't know whether to be happy or sad. After 4 long years, I finally got to stand in line with my fellow seniors on the team to run under the field hockey stick bridge. Seeing the entire field decorated was heart warming. Tears of joy streamed down my face as my name was called. The time I had been waiting for had arrived and I was the happiest I could ever be, but this had meant that my final season of high school field hockey was coming to an end.
I discovered field hockey when I was in sixth grade. The minute I picked up my first stick I fell in love, I knew this was the sport I wanted to excel in. When I began playing I wasn’t any good. My confidence was low and most of my friends didn't like field hockey or even knew what it was, so I …show more content…

I was so shy throughout my life that I didn't know how to make friends. Joining a team sport has allowed me to open myself up to not only everyone on the team, but to people outside of the group. Now, I have the biggest support system in my life. My team has been here for me since freshman year and I'm grateful for that. They listen to me when I need to vent, push me to my full potential and bring me up when I’m down. Each and every person has impacted me greatly in one way or another. Not to mention, I met my best friend through field hockey. I have not only friends, but sisters for life.
Field hockey has made me the person I am today. This sport has taught me many lessons, but the most important was to never give up. I was always scared of failure, and scared to let my parents down. Now, I let nothing get in my way. If something knocks me down, I get back up and brush it off because there is always next time to succeed. Playing field hockey has taught me to keep on pushing through because the sun will always break through the

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