Borosage: The Destruction Of The American Dream

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People are accustomed to strive to do the best they can in regards to accomplishing their goals. For some people it is to be rich, famous, or powerful. Others decided that they wanted a safe place to raise their children and obtain wealth, not with ease but with hard work and determination. Based on the reading, I agree with Borosage on the fact that the American dream has died out over the years due to the enormous wage gap and the disappearing of the middle class. The American dream is no longer alive due to the fact that the top one percent owns too much, health care is too conflicting, and the work force is too competitive. In every country, there will always be different distinctive social classes primarily based on wealth. However, …show more content…

It covers the cost of having to pay for a newborn child or a brain transplant. In some countries, there is no such thing as paying money for health insurance and comes with the annual taxes people spend every year. However, the United States do not include this within the thousands of dollars Americans spend every April and makes them spend even more if they want to cover themselves. With the prices of health care exploding, about 50 million Americans are left uninsured (Borosage, Parag. 4). People have to be left with the risk of paying thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars for surgery that is crucial to the survival of a person’s life. Healthcare is dominated by drug companies and the insurance industry, creating a system that costs nearly twice as much per capita as the rest of the industrial world (Borosage, Parag. 4). Pharmacies can charge up to hundreds of dollars for certain medicines needed to treat diseases. On top of the burden of paying for insurance, health care in America is inferior to other developed countries. According to US, about 59 countries, that hold universal health care to all of its citizens. For the few times you may need to visit the doctor, there is always a huge amount of time spent waiting to be attended even in emergency rooms. To add on, some insurance companies still require you to contribute a copayment after your visit to keep monthly costs lower. Compared to other countries, the abominable system we use for health care is inconsiderable and

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