Botstein The Secret To Leaving Bad Schools

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America’s high schools are in desperate need of help. Students should feel there is a purpose in going to school and getting an education. They need to be more motivated to go to school. The amount of tests students take in High School is ridiculous. Students need to take less standardized tests. As said in the article The Secret To Fixing Bad Schools “students need to become thinkers not test takers.” They should be able to take more classes they are interested in rather than classes they need just for graduation required credits. Schools need to have more academic achievement appreciation rather than only appreciating the athletic students. Although Bostein points out America’s education system seems to be the main issue in preparing our children for the future, he is a bit too extreme with this ideas. In Botstein 's article Let Teenagers Try Adulthood he explains how high schoolers are not in the “real world” “They could then enter the real world, the world of work or national service, in which they would take a place of responsibility alongside other adults in mixed company.” Botstein also states that we need to graduate at the age of 16 now to …show more content…

Studies have shown High Schoolers need 8-10 hours of sleep because their bodies and brains are still growing. Doctors say that starting school earlier in the morning prevents children and teenagers from getting a full night’s sleep, which can affect their health, safety and academic performance. Motivation is key to a students success. If students had more time to get a full amount of sleep at night, they would be more energized and motivated to start out their morning with a good attitude and come to school. A student must have motivation to succeed but a student also needs to pay attention in class in order to learn. Some psychologists claim the typical student 's attention span is about 10 to 15 minutes long, yet most High School and University classes last 50 to 90

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