Flaws In The American Education System Essay

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Flaws in the American Education System
Flawed or imperfect, words that can be used to describe the American education system, yet all highschools strive for their students to be flawless and perfect. How is this possible in an environment that needs significant changes? Many statistics have proven that many students do not find the typical American high school to fulfill their needs to succeed. Lack of school safety, and not preparing students for the future are two major issues in American highschool, although many students are successful, imagine how many more can succeed with solutions to these problems.
Education plays a huge role in every American’s life, it builds the foundation to which everything else relies on it. To get a job, many …show more content…

There are clear statistics that prove the education system is effective. High School helps students develop important life skills such as communication, problem solving and time management. The education system has been effective in the sense that 85% of students become successful and employed after highschool. This percentage can increase significantly if the education system makes changes in school safety and preparation for the future. According to a source from the New York Times “Changes in education need to be made because students have changed significantly from when school first began” (Bostein 274). This quote represents the fact that there needs to be changes made to the education system for the students to get the most from their education. Society as a whole has changed from 200 years ago, therefore the education system needs to change starting in making the learning environment …show more content…

In fact, according to Concrete Online, “44% of students graduate highschool without knowing what they want to study after high school.” This is a fault in the education system, students need to be introduced to many options and taught skills that can be applied to the real world. In fact, many don't know how to pay taxes, write checks or do any basic tasks that include finance which are needed for the future. According to EverFi, “83% of students in highschool want financial education in schools, but only four states mandate the courses.” This is a problem because many students are eager to learn and want to be prepared for the future, but the education system has failed to carry out their needs. Many students rely on their parents to pay the bills and never truly learn how to, therefore after graduation they are unprepared for the real world. The education system needs to make significant changes in order to prepare students for the

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