Boy Overboard Character Analysis

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In the novel ‘Boy Overboard’ by Morris Gleitzman, when you get to be in perspective of Jamal, a young boy living in Afghanistan and the issues he faces as he struggles to get to Australia. In the beginning of the novel, Jamal meets a tank which leads him to think about this ancestors, "I remember what mum told me about her ancestors. Fierce, brave desert warriors, tall and proud in the saddles of their mighty Arab steeds. She also told me about dad 's ancestors, honest hard-working bakers, baking bread so that those fierce warriors had something to mop up their gravy." He says. From the evidence found from the novel, I believe that Jamal is more of a desert warrior because of his fierce, bold, determined, and protective personality. The first …show more content…

Determination is when you don 't give up and get what you want when you want it. The more you get closer to the ending, the more you can see how Jamal’s personality develops. When this happens you get to see more of his desert warrior side, if he wants something he’ll get it and he’ll risk everything to get what he wants. To him Australia symbolises a new future full of fortune, hope, and happiness, if he had a list of the top 3 things most important to him, going to Australia will most definitely be on that list, “We’re back to back, scooping vegetable tins.”. (p 147). Jamal comments on how Bibi can scoop water for a very long period of time and how it shows her determination, but when the author wrote this it shows BIbi’s character but it also reflects on Jamal and how this characteristic is seen in both bakers and desert warriors, “They don 't understand how she can do it. I know how. Her father 's a baker.” (p 148) Throughout this book Jamal has shown many characteristics of a desert warrior, although sometimes he doubts himself he truly knows that he really is a desert warrior, bold, fierce, brave, and determined. He shows all of those traits more and more as the book came to an end, sometimes all you need to show your desert warrior side is

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