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In the year 1933, Adolf Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany, this marked the beginning of one of the most chaotic and devastating events in history, the descent of Germany to Fascism, the holocaust, and eventually World War Two. At the same time, however, a young American boy by the name of Joe Rantz was entering his first year of college and joining the university of Washington’s rowing team. This is a story of true honor for one’s country as well as the events of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany.
Written by Daniel James Brown, The Boys in the Boat is inculcated because the author, before he began writing full-time, was a professor for San Jose University as well as Stanford University. Brown took favor to specializing in writing. In …show more content…

For Daniel James Brown it was important to stay true to the actual events but it was just as important to make it influential and thoughtful to the reader. These flashbacks also made it possible to tie in the reality of how the novel was written, through the eyes of Joe Rantz as an old man who died part of the way through the creation of The Boys in the Boat. His personal contributions gave the book a more realistic and human approach to the story. He wanted it to be more about the team rather than himself personally. This want to balance both Joe’s personal story and the historical event of the 1936 win, is what influenced Daniel James Brown to write The Boys in the Boat the way it was written.
In conclusion, The Boys in the Boat is an American novel based on the life of Joe Rantz, a gold medalist of the 1936 Olympic games. The book was written not only to inform the reader about the events of the rowing section of the Berlin Olympic games, but also the underlying lesson of how hard work and dedication can able one of doing extraordinary things. This is shown not only in Joe’s countless hours spent improving his technique and bonding with his teammates, but also in Joe’s overcoming of abandonment and his ability to emerge triumphant into adulthood from

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