Breakfast Club Stereotypes

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Jocks have made their way into our hearts in television and media all over the world. Stereotype of jocks are clear and is further displayed in the book “skud” and in the movie “The Breakfast Club”. The book “skud” by “Dennis Foon” is about four boys who attend the same high school all face problems relating to their understanding of what it means to be masculine. Tommy, a model student, is headed for the militar; Brad is looking at a hockey career; Andy, who has just secured an agent, may or may not break into the movie. These three have shared a common friendship that is challenged when Andy turns to a new kid, “ Shane” to teach him how to be a punk for an acting audition. The film “ The Breakfast club” by John Hughes is about five students from stereotype endure a saturday detention under a power- hungry principal. This group includes rebel John, princess Claire, outcast Allison, Brainy Brain, and Andrew, the jock. Each has a chance to tell their story, making the others see them a little differently. These characters are very similar, in terms of their family pressures, personality, and their relationships with other …show more content…

Brade from Skud is a jock because he display the stereotype of a jock like and athlete, a jerk, etc. In the text, he stated that he “looks incredible” showing that he’s over confident about his boyd. He’s a jerk because Brad beat up Andy for Tommy because they thought Andy MG Tommy. This shows that Brad is a jock because the novel proves that he display all the stereotype of a jock. Andrew from The Breakfast Club is a jock because his action prove that he’s a jock. Andrew is on a wrestling team. Andrew supposably had lots of lady friends and he physically and verbally hurt bender in the film. This shows that Andrew is a jock because he shows that he’s a jock by his action. Therefore, both Andrew and Brad shows the characteristic of a jock by their

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