Bronx Social Issues

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Living in the Bronx and participating in a summer medical internship, aimed at underrepresented minorities, outlined the flaws and the well-known struggles that minorities face. In the borough on the Bronx, where the internship was in, I learned about the good and lots of bad about the Bronx and why it is seen as the worst county in the state of New York. Out of the 62 counties, Bronx has been ranked highest, or one of the highest, for health concerns like asthma, obesity, violence, and pollution. Majora Carter quickly reviewed, just a fraction, of these issues that face the Bronx and also giving a brief History lesson. Being abreast with much if this, the part that stood out most was also the part that I was totally clueless about was the…show more content…
In the Bronx, there are not many places where you can purchase healthy food, despite the largest food distribution center being in Hunts Point of South Bronx. This issue is important because the Bronx leads the counties of NY in health issues which includes; obesity, diabetes and hypertension that are directly linked to the residents of the Bronx not having more access to affordable healthy foods. There are many bodegas/corner stores where one can easily, quickly and cheaply buy a bacon egg and cheese or chopped cheese sandwich for breakfast than to travel a longer distance to a supermarket to buy healthy food options that they probably cannot afford. One step to combat this problem is to educate the community about their bad choices and provide tips for making and affording a quick breakfast that is also healthy. The other step would be to establish more places, i.e. supermarkets that will sell healthy food at reasonable…show more content…
This phenomenon is seen by and has probably happened to everyone. Even though the bystander effect being a phenomenon, there will always be a group of people that will help their fellow citizens out of danger. This is what Margaret Mead, a cultural anthropologist, meant by saying, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it 's the only thing that ever has.” This would inspire citizens by reminding them that if everyone comes together they can do a lot for themselves and for the world and it has happened before in history. This would let a community know, if they work together, they can lift themselves out of a situation or better themselves and then cause a chain reaction of good or cooperation and

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