Bryant Pharma Product Seflex Case

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Purpose: Statement of Problem/ key issues
The purpose of this case study is to identify the alternative means of marketing the Bryant Pharma product Seflex. The company is looking for an immediate boost in the sale of the brand. The vice president of the marketing division of geriatric products of Bryant Pharma came up with a marketing strategy in which interview style commercial about the benefit of Seflex will be produced in which Jeanne Alyson a 1940s movie icon will talk about the benefit of Seflex and how it reshaped her life. The problem is Joe Bryant, the new CEO of the company is not satisfied by current promotional programming and consider them as “Off Brand
Background/Situation Analysis:
The Bryant Pharma is looking to boost the sales of its major drug as the patent of the drug will expire in 2 years. The product promotional campaign proposed by Laura will cost about 1 million to Bryant Pharma. The situation was not good as
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This contingency plan makes the message of Seflex use more prominent and allows penetrating deep in the customers. Another important point to use second-screen advertisement is that it can hijack the competitors’ advertisement by digitally targeting the counter-claims. This contingency plan has a pervasive capacity and has a broad conjuration across different categories and it also offers financial benefit and can become a standard marketing tool for advertising and promoting the sales of a product. There is an opportunity to for marketers to precisely time their advertisement so that it can be run on different digital forums. The impact of this contingency plan can be measured by the boost in the sales of the product. It offers the immediate and sustained push for Bryant Pharmaceuticals to reach the sales target within 2 years and this strategy is also effective in handling the issues of zipping and

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