Buy Nothing Day Thesis Statement

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Americans and others around the world are often struck with what is deemed “shopaholic syndrome.” The symptoms of this prevalent matter are spending preposterous amounts of time and money shopping. To treat this, a Buy Nothing Day was conceived and established in some countries. As the name implies, it is day when people choose to buy nothing to fight against and raise awareness of overconsumption and growing consumerism in our world. There are a myriad of flaws in the logic of the Buy Nothing Day; therefore, the Buy Nothing Day is not the transcendent solution to this problem. (Claim) This day could be required for the citizens to follow, or it can be through optional participation. If this day is optional, those who don’t over consume will participate, while those who over consume will choose to engage in a nice day of shopping. An exemplification of this is homework. Children who need to do their homework the most tend to be rather lax and not do their homework. On these grounds, assuredly, awareness will be raised to those who are…show more content…
A Buy Nothing Day will be unable to take this on. While not buying anything for an entire day out of the year may seem like an important step, people can and will buy things every other day of the year changing very little if not nothing at all. A Buy Nothing Day can easily become another President’s Day or MLK Day. The main focus will be a day off, which can be illustrated through these instances. Unfortunately for the Buy Nothing Day, no one celebrates the presidents on presidents on Presidents Day. Instead, they view the day as a day off from school. Likewise, few go out of their way to learn about Dr. King on Martin Luther King day; yet, many people delight in a day off. A Buy Nothing Day will not be extraordinary. It will be thought of as a day off to numerous people instead of raising awareness of the over consumption in our society. The intention will miss the mark.
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