Call Of The Wild Stealing

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In the book Call of the Wild, there is a main character that is a dog who goes by the name Buck. Buck is a huge dog with ripped muscles, weighing over one hundred and fifty pounds. He is a mix between shepherd and St. Bernard. "His intelligence, shepherd intelligence and St. Bernard intelligence" (London 72). Also like all other dogs Buck was part wolf. Buck started his life out by living with judge Miller in a huge house, At the time there had begun a huge gold rush in Alaska so the gardener of the house, Manuel, kidnapped Buck and sold him as a sled dog because of his strength and size. Manuel did this because he had a gambling problem and had lost all of his money gambling. Throughout the book buck is sold to many different people and used…show more content…
In the start of the book Buck steals food from the tents. Would stealing be a good thing. Would you steal from your parents. Bucks masters are like his parents. Buck learns that in the wild or in Alaska you must steal to survive. We both agree that stealing is wrong. So if you agree stealing is wrong then you agree that you need to be evil to live in the wild. In the final chapters in the book Buck kills animals it the woods and enjoys doing it. The killing brings joy to him. " a lurking humor ran through his deeds" Killing things just to do it for fun is not good it is pure evil. Like when buck kills Spitz. He kills him to show dominance not for food. If you kill animals for food that is different, that is how you survive in the wild. I see the ways buck can be good, like when he saves John Thornton three times. That is a big deal I can not disagree with that being good. That is saving ones life that shows goodness. And he would let go the squirrels he caught, but think about it, he caught the squirrels first and tormented them by letting them go just so he can catch them again, that is really evil and I think you should agree with me. Would you kidnap children and let them go then go back one day later just to steal them again. He also fights off huskies in chapter three. That does show good because he is protecting the pack. Now let me get to the point I am trying to make, Buck is indeed
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