Calypso In The Odyssey

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When Odysseus is held captive by Calypso on her paradise island, he takes his opportunity to leave and continue on his journey home. Calypso has taken great care of him and seduces him, one of the reasons he has stayed with her for so long. Odysseus is not exactly in his right mind during his stay with Calypso because she is able to almost control or manipulate him. When Odysseus is given the opportunity to go home, it is only with the help of Zeus, Hermes and Athena to persuade Calypso to allow him to leave. Odysseus, while staying on her island, knew that this was not what he wanted. He knew deep down that he had a life to get back to at home, being a warrior and king of Ithaca along with his wife and son. He obviously enjoyed …show more content…

He was able to believe in himself and was able to get himself out of situations. He knew he had to leave Calypso, and if I was Odysseus I would have thought like him and used my wits to ensure that I was not being tricked by her, by having her swear on an oath and have her help to build my boat. Hypothetically speaking, if I was not Odysseus and was just a normal man, who had nothing to really live for, I might stay with Calypso because it would be better to live in luxury forever, than live a meaningless life. Odysseus knew he had so much more to live for and if I was Odysseus I would realize that it would be better to die trying to get back home, rather than writing off everything and everyone I would have worked so hard for. Overall I feel that Odysseus made the right decision when choosing to leave Calypso’s island. He knew in his heart that it would be wrong to stay and I believe he would not be able to live with himself if he did not take the chance to see his family again. I’m sure most people would choose to do what Odysseus did. Family is a factor of motivation for Odysseus and most people can relate to that. Also, being a ruler and honored warrior would also make Odysseus more determined to come back

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