Canadian Tires Mission Statement

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2. Company Profile History John William Billes and Alfred Jackson Billes, who are the actual founders of the company. On September 15, 1922 they invested their combined savings of $1,800 in The Hamilton Tire and Garage located in Toronto. Hamilton Tire & Garage was sold in 1923 and the Billes brothers moved several times. In 1934 the store in Hamnilton becomes the first officially designated Canadian Tire Associate store. By 1937 Canadian Tires main store is relocated into a vacant supermarket in Yonge and Davenport street, Toronto. During 1958 their first gas bar opened at Yonge and Church Streets in Toronto. Moving on to 1972 Canadian Tires celebrates their 50 year and at the same time they opens their first store in Saskatchewan. Canadian Tire has grown significantly over the years. During 2001 they started to do business over the internet, this was when online shopping started to get popular. In 2006 Canadian Tire announces its partnership with NASCAR and TSN and this brought thrill to motor sport fans in Canada. A brief summary of coporate objectives and its mission statement. corporate objectives The four major corporate objectives of Canadian Tire are to strengthen the core retail, Align all…show more content…
Profit increased to $206.6 million ($2.44 per diluted share). There was a strong demand for winter tires. Canadian Tire also changed their marketing ways to attract familiars which is one reason why their sales increased. They also included a new home decor line and a bigger selection of kids today which will sell during all seasons. They have reached one of their corporate goals which is to created a new platform of growth for the company. As they saw opportunities they took advantage of it and it is what made them the

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