Cango: Strengths And Weaknesses

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Competitive Analysis Identifying your competitors and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses relating to those at CanGo is a critical part of the company’s marketing plan. Conducting a competitive analysis allows you to understand the success of competitors and what we can do at CanGo to grow and compete with these larger companies. CanGO was conceived on CEO Liz Bennets passion for books and music. When comparing CanGos divisional revenues books comes in second behind online gaming. The US has more than 95% of all consumer eBook purchases. This is a big market in which CanGo needs to start taking advantage of by competing with companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Google for sales in the eBook market. Amazon has the number one spot in eBook sales taking 74% of US eBook sales through the Amazon kindle store. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, …show more content…

Rising to the top with the guidance of visionary Steve Jobs, Apple has been staying ahead in the fast-moving technology race. This became even more evident after the release of the first iPhone in June of 2007 and iPad in April of 2010. Not only doe Apple have the most smartphone users, but the iPad was rated the number one best-selling tablet available so far in 2016. With what was left of eBook sales Apples iBook’s store accounts for an estimate of 10 – 12% of US eBook sales. Which puts this tech giant in second in the eBook market. The most notable weaknesses for the company is the limited distribution of the network, high selling prices, and sales being limited to a high-end market. “Apple’s SWOT analysis shows that such an exclusive strategy supports control over the distribution of products, but limits the company’s market reach”(Smithson, 2015). What that means is because of the high pricing Apple limits themselves to the high-end

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