Cango Final Report

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Executive Summary

In 2006 Elizabeth Bennett, CEO of CanGo has used her talents to build and pursue a groundbreaking online gaming business and turn it into a worthwhile and successful creation of e-commerce online gaming industry. Over the years CanGo establishes itself as a nation online victory corporation. The JAMES Group has noticed the organization's lack of key potential areas of business matters. These areas are: observation of SWOT analysis, proper evidence of a market and financial analysis, a competitive analysis, and future strategic planning. The JAMES Group will offer our overall recommendations to CanGo to help build a unique, strong and successful empire. This report will dive into observations, suggestions, and recommendations …show more content…

Staff members are usually last to know and often left out the loop. It is unclear of why this occurs but it truly is not a good way to expect deadlines, or prioritized task to get done.
● CanGo seems to not be using their database and software to its full potential.
● CanGo had a great idea by saying that they were going to expand their online gaming market. They are at a standstill, but not in a bad way, they are trying to figure out a way to set up its gaming on social media websites to reach a total different clientele. This would have a big impact to an even bigger untapped consumer base, allowing CanGo to market better.
● Being able to operate online gives the CanGo company new potential customers from all over the world to view and purchase their products.
● New competitors pop up every day
● Reaching more customers means more work and the staff would be asked to juggle more.
● The lack of a strategic business plan hurts being that it would make things difficult for CanGo to work on defining long and short-term goals.
● Communication
● CanGo could run risk of outside suppliers having tech issues.


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